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Blizzard's Customer Service

blizz -> wysłany:
Blizzard: How can we help you?
Customer: In the last 14 days, I moved 3 characters to Stormrage, which cost me $75. There was a warning there may be a que to play, but not "latency" issues. Could you move my characters to a low population server of my choosing, being Blizzard doesn't warn people of latency issues on congested servers?
Blizzard: No. We've helped you before. One year ago, we helped you.
Customer: Um... Why can't you help me again?
Blizzard: We can't.
Customer: You mean you can but you won't.
Blizzard: Correct. Our supervisors won't let us.
Customer: So, instead of fixing this for me, Blizz would rather have me spend another $75 to move them to a server that doesn't lag?
Blizzard: *Silence*
Customer: I don't feel like a valued customer, so I will stop playing Blizzard games.
Blizzard: We wish you the best. Would you like us to cancel your subscription for you?
Customer: So, you'd rather spend the same amount of time cancelling my sub, as it would take to just help me on this one?
Blizzard: Yes. Thank you for your time, and good luck.

This is Blizzard's idea of keeping customers? LOL. I'm out.
blizz -> wysłany:
02/12/2018 03:07 PMPosted by Hamstar
Also "helped you before" I assuming that means they gave you a free service already.

While I don't know OPs circumstances that's typically what it means. Though Game Masters can sometimes make exceptions, its usually a one time thing that they preface, and end, with not being able to help with again.

As for OP, you're more than welcome to post on the Customer Support forums for help as General Discussion really isn't the place for it. However, since it sounds like we already made this kind of exception, and the some of the purchases were two weeks ago there might not be much they can do.

While I understand your frustration OP, insulting other players on the forums isn't really the way to go about it. Maybe a time out is in order? Once that is up I'd suggest asking the Customer Support forums for help.
blizz -> wysłany:
This is getting pretty off-topic, so I'm locking this down.

Let's try to keep the forums a constructive environment. If you have Customer Support related problems, please feel free to reach out them on the Forums, Social Media, or at