wikass zabił Mythrax the Unraveler (Normal Uldir) po raz 2.     
kuturin zdobył 7th Legionnaire's Cuffs.     
Nikandra spełnił kryterium Loot 200,000 gold osiągnięcia Got My Mind On My Money.     
Tooly zdobył Fairweather Helm.     
Muattin zdobył osiągnięcie The Dirty Five.     
Yoozku zdobył Parrotfeather Cloak.     
Mlody89 zdobył Royal Apothecary Drape.     
Weakness zabił Dazar, The First King (Mythic King's Rest) po raz 6.     
liq spełnił kryterium osiągnięcia Saving for a Rainy Day.     
Osiol spełnił kryterium osiągnięcia Saving for a Rainy Day.     
Wuntu zabił Zek'voz, Herald of N'zoth (Heroic Uldir) po raz 1.     
Olsa zabił Vectis (Heroic Uldir) po raz 6.     
Sarenus spełnił kryterium osiągnięcia Saving for a Rainy Day.     
kajtasus zdobył osiągnięcie Come Sail Away.     
ossir spełnił kryterium osiągnięcia Saving for a Rainy Day.     
mcpablo spełnił kryterium Alliance players slain. osiągnięcia Frontline Slayer.     
Emmm zabił Taloc (Heroic Uldir) po raz 17.     
AsaGorth spełnił kryterium Big-Mouth Clam osiągnięcia The Oceanographer.     


All web API discussions moved!” wysłany:
Hey guys. All new web API discussions for will happen in our new consolidated forum:

Rock on :)
Moving the web API discussion” wysłany:
Yep Omegal is right, this is ONLY for web API forums!

08/14/2014 04:35 PMPosted by Tacobeef
Just tell us when the API is being shut down or going paid only.

There are no plans to shut the API's down (quite the opposite) and no plans to make them paid only.
It might also be telling that when I google I immediate get links to wow and d3 posts from the past 2 years dealing with connection issues (to the games)... we might be hitting the same thing Yocoliah.
01/31/2014 11:18 AMPosted by Yocoliah
This was with my own homebrew application (Written in C#, so using the .NET infrastructure for networking). I just checked my computer at the office (using a different network and ISP), and there the exact same application seems to be still running without any trouble.

What I just observed here at home is that a transfer did complete, but only delivered the first 700k of the file, then got interrupted. I'll see if a computer and router reboot helps

I have never used C# so excuse any obvious questions, but is there some sort of system level limit on downloads, or timeout settings that can be played with? Could it just have a problem downloading the ~5-10 meg file?
Raw audit data (same as the game site uses to display it's audit) added to api:
01/31/2014 10:33 AMPosted by Yocoliah
I just noticed actual timeouts while querying the AH API for the first time starting less than an hour ago (I got a succesfull download 45 minutes ago still). Did something change in the past hour?

Edit: some more info: My last succesful download was at 17:46 UTC for Stormrage(EU). A download started at 17:57 UTC for Arathor(EU) failed because the data downloaded was malformed, another try for the same 10 minutes later hit a timeout (after 11 minutes). Note that the download for the initial key file for the AH data works, it is the big download with actual AH data that times out.

Was this within the TSM app or are you downloading it via curl/wget or something else?
TSM is looking into this from their end now since they also do not see any timeouts from their servers (They did during the DDOSing events two weeks ago but haven't seen anything since). It looks like they will be able to solve this with an app update. He'll let me know if they see any more issues from the API.
I've downloaded this app and get the same timeouts that you guys do despite being able to hit the auction api urls's directly with no issues. My server team can't find any evidence that requests are being blocked at a level above us (our ISPs) but at the same time our logs are showing nothing about timeouts or errors.

When auction data is down or delayed we often get a huge amount of emails from other sites (Undermine journal, etc) and I haven't received any emails from any of them. I'm working with the TSM authors to try and figure this out... but please be aware we do care about this issue, but are no having no luck duplicating any api timeouts except via this app.
Basically anything already viewable on the website is very easy to add to the api. Adding a story to the backlog for this now, but I don't know about the timeline to get it added to the API. I'll check into it tomorrow :)
Public API Woes...” wysłany:
Are these characters active? With 5.4.0 changes and connected realm tech, it's often the case that we can't load profiles for characters that were not active since 5.4.0 was released or since a realm was merged.
API Key Update” wysłany:
01/30/2014 12:39 PMPosted by Deex
Hi Petratryn,

i have no idea what the meaning of this is and what there is upcoming in the future.
I was proud that i can use they key and that helped me the years to show up which one requests that are from the server ip.

It was like a ID card for me to avoid blacklisting by mistakes.
You said our keys will work for the future so ok.. i wil use it without changes.
But i will be truth,- such changes scare me like hell.

We are only upping the limit on anonymous keys to save ourselves some work while we improve the system. We'd rather not spend time manually assigning new keys (part of the reason this system needs improvement) when we could be spending it working on the new system. This change shouldn't be scary to anyone.

01/30/2014 12:39 PMPosted by Deex
1. I did not see any posts of Straton the last time and i lost his mail adress, can you please provide me a mail adress to get in contact with you? I really would like to give you my IP Adresses of the server...reason is i got a bad feeling..

Second, i wish a deeper contact with the Web and API Team in the future :)

[email protected] is still the best contact point at the moment. Updating the IP address of your server isn't needed at the moment, we're not going to update anything with it and the new system will be self service.

In general we're working on better contact in the future.
API Key Update” wysłany:
01/30/2014 12:15 PMPosted by Apokalyptik
What's an API?

Unfortunately I know my posts show up on many Blue post trackers, but this is a post in the community platform API forum, only meant for people interested in using our community web APIs. This doesn't affect the game or client in any way.

As an actual answer to the question: a way to get at the data found on our community sites so that users can make fan sites and web apps using profile data.
API Key Update” wysłany:
Hey guys!

We’re in the process of revamping our key system in order to alleviate certain problems it causes for our APIs. We’re also working on improvements for APIs and corresponding documentation. The full list of changes will be disclosed at a later time.

In the meantime, we are adjusting the anonymous limit to be the same as the registered key limit on all three community APIs. This means that keys are no longer a requirement. Everyone that doesn’t currently have a key or is in the key queue no longer needs one. All previously issued keys will still work, and you should be able to continue using them without any problems. Should you run into complications with previously issued keys, feel free to send us a message.

We have a lot of features planned for our APIs in the coming year. Keep sending us your feedback, questions and ideas!
I passed all of this along to the server team, will keep looking into it :-(
The server admins said that until yesterday (and hearing about this) there was some DDos prevention migration stuff in place in front of our internet connection, but this has been removed now. Let me know if this continues or if that was it.

Timeouts are very odd to see. Can you guys let me know what ISP's and locations you are seeing timeouts from (city level is fine, don't need specifics). I'm also asking some server admins if they see anything on their end that could be causing this.
Character API giving back empty data” wysłany:
I'm not at the office at the moment, so I can't verify this, but has that character logged into the game since 5.4? Normally this is what happens when the profile doesn't have the 5.4 changes needed to support connected realms.
I wish I had gotten to know you more during my short time here. Every experience with you has been great. You'll be missed both by Blizzard and the community :)

Good luck with the next opportunity!
Leaderboard API” wysłany:
I forwarded that question on to the pvp lead, I'll let you know what I hear back.
Leaderboard API” wysłany:
I will add this to the API docs tomorrow.