wikass zabił Mythrax the Unraveler (Normal Uldir) po raz 2.     
kuturin zdobył 7th Legionnaire's Cuffs.     
Nikandra spełnił kryterium Loot 200,000 gold osiągnięcia Got My Mind On My Money.     
Tooly zdobył Fairweather Helm.     
Muattin zdobył osiągnięcie The Dirty Five.     
Yoozku zdobył Parrotfeather Cloak.     
Mlody89 zdobył Royal Apothecary Drape.     
Weakness zabił Dazar, The First King (Mythic King's Rest) po raz 6.     
liq spełnił kryterium osiągnięcia Saving for a Rainy Day.     
Osiol spełnił kryterium osiągnięcia Saving for a Rainy Day.     
Wuntu zabił Zek'voz, Herald of N'zoth (Heroic Uldir) po raz 1.     
Olsa zabił Vectis (Heroic Uldir) po raz 6.     
Sarenus spełnił kryterium osiągnięcia Saving for a Rainy Day.     
kajtasus zdobył osiągnięcie Come Sail Away.     
ossir spełnił kryterium osiągnięcia Saving for a Rainy Day.     
mcpablo spełnił kryterium Alliance players slain. osiągnięcia Frontline Slayer.     
Emmm zabił Taloc (Heroic Uldir) po raz 17.     
AsaGorth spełnił kryterium Big-Mouth Clam osiągnięcia The Oceanographer.     

Changing name and name bring busy

blizz -> wysłany:

Hello! I would like to change my character’s name to a name I like better but said name is busy. I have looked for the character who has that name and it does not look as though she has been played much. Is there a way to know? If so, is it possible to request blizzard for a possible way to change my character’s name if said person has an inactive account or hasn’t played for a long time?
Thank you kindly!

blizz -> wysłany:

There is a system in place that’ll free up names from inactive accounts, as long as they have been inactive for at least the past 2 expansions.

That would have last run at the release of Battle for Azeroth and freed up names on accounts inactive during Warlords of Draenor and Legion.

If the name wasn’t freed up then and is showing as unavailable, the earliest that would be freed up is with the release of Shadowlands, but only if the account currently using the name had been inactive for all of Legion and Battle for Azeroth.

blizz -> wysłany:

Entire account yeah.
If they were playing on another character/realm etc, it’s still considered an active account for this.