wikass zabił Mythrax the Unraveler (Normal Uldir) po raz 2.     
kuturin zdobył 7th Legionnaire's Cuffs.     
Nikandra spełnił kryterium Loot 200,000 gold osiągnięcia Got My Mind On My Money.     
Tooly zdobył Fairweather Helm.     
Muattin zdobył osiągnięcie The Dirty Five.     
Yoozku zdobył Parrotfeather Cloak.     
Mlody89 zdobył Royal Apothecary Drape.     
Weakness zabił Dazar, The First King (Mythic King's Rest) po raz 6.     
liq spełnił kryterium osiągnięcia Saving for a Rainy Day.     
Osiol spełnił kryterium osiągnięcia Saving for a Rainy Day.     
Wuntu zabił Zek'voz, Herald of N'zoth (Heroic Uldir) po raz 1.     
Olsa zabił Vectis (Heroic Uldir) po raz 6.     
Sarenus spełnił kryterium osiągnięcia Saving for a Rainy Day.     
kajtasus zdobył osiągnięcie Come Sail Away.     
ossir spełnił kryterium osiągnięcia Saving for a Rainy Day.     
mcpablo spełnił kryterium Alliance players slain. osiągnięcia Frontline Slayer.     
Emmm zabił Taloc (Heroic Uldir) po raz 17.     
AsaGorth spełnił kryterium Big-Mouth Clam osiągnięcia The Oceanographer.     

World of Warcraft Classic Community Resources

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World of Warcraft Classic provides players the opportunity to delve into a faithful recreation of the original WoW® experience, but no one needs to go it alone. We’ve gathered together some of the best resources from around the community to help.

World of Warcraft Official Site News and Forums

Stay on top of all the official World of Warcraft Classic news by visiting the official site using the “WoW Classic” tag.

World of Warcraft Official forums: Make your way over to the official WoW Classic forums to meet up with players like you.

North America

Realm Name Realm Type Time Zone
Anathema PvP Pacific Time
Arcanite Reaper PvP Pacific Time
Ashkandi Normal Eastern Time
Atiesh Normal Pacific Time
Azuresong Normal Pacific Time
Benediction PvP Eastern Time
Bigglesworth PvP Pacific Time
Blaumeux PvP Pacific Time
Bloodsail Buccaneers RP Eastern Time
Deviate Delight RP PvP Eastern Time
Earthfury PvP Eastern Time
Faerlina PvP Eastern Time
Fairbanks PvP Pacific Time
Grobbulus RP PvP Pacific Time
Heartseeker PvP Eastern Time
Herod PvP Eastern Time
Incendius PvP Eastern Time
Kirtonos PvP Eastern Time
Kromcrush PvP Eastern Time
Kurinnaxx PvP Pacific Time
Loatheb PvP  Latin America
Mankrik Normal Eastern Time
Myzrael Normal Pacific Time
Netherwind PvP Eastern Time
Old Blanchy Normal Pacific Time
Pagle Normal Eastern Time
Rattlegore PvP Pacific Time
Skeram PvP Eastern Time
Smolderweb PvP Pacific Time
Stalagg PvP Eastern Time
Sulfuras PvP Eastern Time
Sul'thraze PvP Brazil
Thalnos PvP Eastern Time
Thunderfury PvP Pacific Time
Westfall Normal Eastern Time
Whitemane PvP Pacific Time
Windseeker Normal Eastern Time


Realm Name Realm Type Time Zone
Arugal PvP AEST
Felstriker PvP AEST
Remulos Normal AEST
Yojamba PvP AEST

Fansites and Communities


  • Classicast: Hosted by a variety of streamers including Esfand, StaysafeTV, and Tipsoutbaby with a focus on WoW Classic news and discussions.
  • DefTalk / Good Morning Azeroth: Hosted by Defcamp and Melderon this podcast provides interviews, guides, discussions, and more.
  • Warcraft Radio:  Newly returned to the air you can catch their new shows including Classic Completionist hosted by Kikijiki on Twitch.

Did we miss one of your favorite fansites, podcasts or streams? Share them in the forums.