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Auction house changes

blizz -> wysłany:
I am lazy I don't enjoy typing in how much for the rubbish I sell , so typically I let the auction house decide the price of my rubbish im selling.

But using auctionator that means I am at the whim of a lot of [email protected]#$% and idiots who think a level 5 piece of crap is worth 20 g or some such stupid price.

For many items there is barely any supply and demand, and these silly prices made by ^-*[email protected] and idiots force the people who actually want them to go and farm them, because only a #$%^ or an idiot would pay such ludicrous prices for insignificant garbage on the whole.

Typing price in the auction house over and over again might be enjoyable to autist artists , but typically its not enjoyable to any normal kind of player .

I suggest blizzard should take away player choice in this matter and make certain items only sellable at X sensible price in old expansion content because like many other things in wow -*[email protected]# and idiots just ruin it .

Kk bye babies im going to list some common rubbish for 245g per item
blizz -> wysłany:
The Auction House is a player driven economy, players have the power to set the prices they feel is appropriate for their items. If other players feel the price is reasonable, they will buy said item, if not, they won't. If you feel items are overpriced then perhaps you could amass your own stock of the items in question, undercut and make a profit?

Also, I'm locking this thread here because the tone in the OP is far from constructive.