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Why so expensive? (Brutosaur)

blizz -> wysłany:
So, new Beta Build this week, and it includes a bunch new mounts. Including details on pre-exsisting Datamined Mounts.

This includes the long-awaited Brutosaur Mount that many have wanted to get their hands on.

But sadly, that dream has been crushed. As it turns out that said Brutosaur is 5 MILLION GOLD.

Seriously? Why? Why limit such a long-awaited Mount behind a 5 Million Gold paywall? The Lightforged Warframe And Bloodfang Widow were already enough as it was. Why raise it even farther?

Edit: So thanks to new information, it has an Auctioneer on it’s back. But can we still have the opportunity to get our hands on a Plain Brutosaur? It doesn’t even need to have a Saddle! Just something!
blizz -> wysłany:
You'll understand why its 5 Million gold.
*waits for it to be fully datamined*