Vampyr78 zabił Sisters of the Moon (Raid Finder Tomb of Sargeras) po raz 1.     
Pavvcik zabił Hounds of Sargeras (Mythic Antorus, the Burning Throne) po raz 2.     
xGlarex zdobył osiągnięcie Thirty Tabards.     
Imtomes zdobył Shiny Shard of the Flame.     
liq zdobył osiągnięcie Thirty Tabards.     
Dansun zdobył Nightborne Noble's Cloak.     
Airwaves zabił Fallen Avatar (Raid Finder Tomb of Sargeras) po raz 3.     
Bernard zdobył osiągnięcie Thirty Tabards.     
Okrutnik zdobył osiągnięcie Ten Tabards.     
Joolsor zdobył osiągnięcie Thirty Tabards.     
Gadzet24 zdobył osiągnięcie Twenty-Five Tabards.     
paramount zabił Talon King Ikiss po raz 2.     
nehbet zdobył osiągnięcie Thirty Tabards.     
Jazz zdobył Imonar's Demi-Gauntlets.     
Zaskroniec zdobył Netherfiend Trousers.     

Shadows of Argus Art Contest Winners

blizz -> wysłany:
Hey all!

After careful deliberation and debate, we were able to sift through the amazing submissions by talented World of Warcraft community members and identify three Grand Prize Winners and ten runners-up in the Shadows of Argus Art Contest.

You can check out the winning entries here.

Congratulations go out to all the winners! Your talent shines even among the shadows.
blizz -> wysłany:
11/27/2017 09:08 AMPosted by Nakhara
They look awesome! I especially love that middle grand prize, and the concept of the third grand prize with the shards.

Any chance there'll be names added for the runner-ups so we can see who created them?
Names were updated yesterday, so you should be able to see those on the blog now! :)