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People wont soak in LFR Kil'jaeden

blizz -> wysłany:
Wiping high like 80% because people wont get in little swirls

GG Blizz

you once again failed to accept that the LFR community is trash, and wont do mechanics, and make it painful/unenjoyable/make people not even care to bother running it.

LFR = tunnel vision, AFKers, low DPS etc

blizz -> wysłany:
Hey all,

Some quick philosophy points on Raid Finder in general.

As mentioned in the last developer Q&A, our philosophy toward Raid Finder in Legion has been to reduce the overall number of mechanics, but keep one or two important ones that players will need to react to in order to succeed. We believe this is preferable to having many mechanics visually present in Raid Finder, but not actually requiring players to react to them. By limiting the number of visual mechanics, but making sure the ones that remain are important, we believe that the Raid Finder experience will feel more in-line with that of higher difficulties.

While we've used the phrase "tourist mode" to describe Raid Finder in previous expansions, that is no longer indicative of our design philosophy. We want to make sure Raid Finder players are still getting an engaging gameplay experience (even if it is overall less intense than in higher difficulties).

It's good to note here, that with Kil'jaeden, we do believe that the experience should be an engaging and dramatic fight at the end of Tomb of Sargeras regardless of difficulty.