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Gameplay Tuning on the Broken Shore

blizz -> wysłany:
Over the first couple of days since players took the fight to the Burning Legion on the Broken Shore, we’ve been keeping a close eye on Nethershard acquisition, and making adjustments as necessary via hotfixes.

We’re rolling out hotfixes that make the following changes:
  • Enemies around the Broken Shore will no longer drop Nethershards by default.
  • Enemies in the shadow of the Sentinax will drop Nethershards.
  • Nethershard rewards from Rare Elites on the Broken Shore have been increased.
  • Nethershard rewards associated with Sentinax portals and beacons have been greatly increased in a hotfix that just went live.

Legion Assaults, coming on Tuesday, will also be a lucrative source of Nethershards.

What we want to avoid is a Timeless Isle frogs situation, where mindlessly grinding a field of mobs is the most efficient thing to do. To be clear—we’re not trying to take away from what players are doing, and we definitely don’t want to make your adventures take longer. Overall, our goal here is to make the Broken Shore more rewarding, improve Nethershard acquisition, and ensure that the objectives on your map generally indicate where you’ll find the best results.

Thanks for playing, and we’re really glad to see you out there defending Azeroth!