Celebryta zdobył osiągnięcie Ten Tabards.     
Evelkaxxmysz zdobył Sanity's Bond.     
laure zdobył Drape of the Spirited Hunt.     
Dostojny zdobył Sargerei Manifesto.     
EyesOnFire zdobył Mythic Keystone.     
Skwarczok zabił Argus the Unmaker (Normal Antorus, the Burning Throne) po raz 4.     
Brazolq spełnił kryterium Obtain 300 mounts osiągnięcia Lord of the Reins.     
nehbet zdobył osiągnięcie Thirty Tabards.     
ZanyDruid zdobył osiągnięcie Twenty-Five Tabards.     
Karakorn zabił Archimonde (Mythic Hellfire Citadel) po raz 1.     
Muattin zdobył osiągnięcie Why Male(volent) Models?.     
liq zdobył osiągnięcie Instant Karma.     
Kamashiro zdobył osiągnięcie Full Caravan.     
Soobocz zdobył osiągnięcie 500 Quests Completed.     
Jazz zdobył Riveted Choker of Delirium.     
Imtomes zdobył Zealous Tormentor's Ring.     

Honor grind is over twice as long now?

blizz -> wysłany:
I missed that, guess I won't get my new weapon skin for longer than I'd hoped.

Edit, adding SS to op

Note the amount of honor needed is twice as much for honor level 1 as it was before 7.2.
blizz -> wysłany:
As mentioned earlier in the thread, the amount of Honor required to level from Honor level 1-50 during Prestige 0 was cut in half in 7.2. Previous to 7.2, the amount of Honor required to level through Honor levels 1-10 was a very small number, so that characters would earn at least 1 Honor Talent in each tier very quickly.

Now that you no longer lose access to Honor Talents when you Prestige, the amount of Honor required for each level AFTER reaching Prestige 1 has been smoothed out. The total amount of Honor required for each Prestige level after Prestige 0 has been slightly reduced, not increased.

We also added the Enlistment Bonus in 7.2, which grants 50% additional Honor to the faction that needs more players in queue for battlegrounds. This is also granted to players who take advantage of our mercenary system and queue as the faction that needs more players. As a reminder, the battleground recruiters that enable mercenary mode are located in the Dalaran Sewers, at The Underbelly Descent.