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DellUser zabił Sael'orn (Mythic Assault on Violet Hold) po raz 7.     
modzel475 spełnił kryterium Win 100 Arena (3v3) matches in Legion Season 2 osiągnięcia Fearless Combatant.     
Lilija spełnił kryterium osiągnięcia Saving for a Rainy Day.     
Osiol spełnił kryterium osiągnięcia Saving for a Rainy Day.     
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Travel Form Nerf: Trying to Understand.” wysłany:
I don't understand the logic to the nerf to travel form.

Can someone explain why they felt the need to nerf travel forms base speed from 200 to 180%? It's out of combat.

It does not effect pvp. (Except the very specific efforts of running away from someone in World PVP.)

And in which case, if you nerfed our travel from because of World PVP, you're really working that from a bad angle, cause there are waaaaaay worse problems with WQPVP then druids with mount speed travel form out of combat.

And then remove the powder we got from our class hall that gave it 20% more?

Why take that from me, and yet DK's and Paladins get to quest while mounted?

And before you tell me: "well they only get it for an hour!"

Yeah, and we only had a 33% chance to pick up that power once every 3 days. And it was an hour long buff that had the chance to fall off by doing simple things like flying from zone to zone. Or heaven forbid, you hearthed to (Broken Isle) Dalaran.

I don't get it.

If it's a gathering thing...

Sky Golem lets you pick herbs without dismounting.

Blacksmiths hoof plates let you do farming on mount back.

You know what else is good for farming? Jumping up sheer cliff faces, or gliding down them.

Are we going to nerf DH's too?

And then you removed our Sun Blossom powder and made that useless too.


Druids get very little 'fun' out of the perks from our class hall and you took away basically what we had.

Why was this a necessary change? Especially with flying coming 'soon™'

Aside from it being instant cast, it was already baseline slower then the average player mount.

Please help me understand.