wikass zabił Mythrax the Unraveler (Normal Uldir) po raz 2.     
kuturin zdobył 7th Legionnaire's Cuffs.     
Nikandra spełnił kryterium Loot 200,000 gold osiągnięcia Got My Mind On My Money.     
Tooly zdobył Fairweather Helm.     
Muattin zdobył osiągnięcie The Dirty Five.     
Yoozku zdobył Parrotfeather Cloak.     
Mlody89 zdobył Royal Apothecary Drape.     
Weakness zabił Dazar, The First King (Mythic King's Rest) po raz 6.     
liq spełnił kryterium osiągnięcia Saving for a Rainy Day.     
Osiol spełnił kryterium osiągnięcia Saving for a Rainy Day.     
Wuntu zabił Zek'voz, Herald of N'zoth (Heroic Uldir) po raz 1.     
Olsa zabił Vectis (Heroic Uldir) po raz 6.     
Sarenus spełnił kryterium osiągnięcia Saving for a Rainy Day.     
kajtasus zdobył osiągnięcie Come Sail Away.     
ossir spełnił kryterium osiągnięcia Saving for a Rainy Day.     
mcpablo spełnił kryterium Alliance players slain. osiągnięcia Frontline Slayer.     
Emmm zabił Taloc (Heroic Uldir) po raz 17.     
AsaGorth spełnił kryterium Big-Mouth Clam osiągnięcia The Oceanographer.     

Memorable instances

blizz -> wysłany:

So I’ve actually enjoyed most instances this expansion. Few as they are compared to TBC and Wotlk heydays.

But thinking about instances the one “Holy crap” instance for me has always been SL in TBC. That place was incredible, imposing and even had optional stuff. I mean how do you get better than that?,

Wotlk’s instances were kinda an evolution in many ways from TBC, but personally for me were not that great. Best one in terms of replayability probably was UP. Gauntlet was fun and the rest of the place had some pizzazz as far as I’m concerned.

I really liked a few of the MoP ones with the Brewery one being a standout for me. Last boss is meh, but the setting, references, and mechanics still feel fresh to me.

Skipped WoD and Legion so can’t comment on those. And I don’t think you can have a solid opinion on Cata ones. They were one thing at start another one, totally different one, later on.

From the current expansion I love FH, all dialogues are hilarious and bosses decent. WM has the coolest setting and feeling. If WM had a mount to collect it would be by far the most played instance IMO.

Anyone has favourites?

blizz -> wysłany:

Entering Magisters Terrace back in TBC and hearing the music for the first time will always bring back fond memories for me - my favorite instance!