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Anduin needs a queen

blizz -> wysłany:
Though who would be a proper candidate? I mean usually a prince (or ex-prince in this case) would marry a princess, so maybe princess Tess? But she's a worgen. Jaina is too old. Wrathion is a guy. Is there anyone out there that can take care of our king?
blizz -> wysłany:
22/11/2017 07:59Posted by Sariku
22/11/2017 07:55Posted by Klitto
Now that I think about it. Is Tess really a worgen? I have never seen her in worgen form, or did I miss something. Also in WoW wiki, Genn's race is written as worgen and Tess is Human(Humanoid).

Don't use wowwiki..

But yeah Tess is not a worgen, she was never bitten it seems just like her Brother.
There are still Gilneans whom are not Worgen after all.

Indeed Tess is not a Worgen like her brother and father :)

But I do wonder if her association with the Uncrowned would make her the perfect candidate...