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Moonkin Festival - Get rid of the moonkins

blizz -> wysłany:
So I did the moonkin festival holiday stuff. Was fun and all but getting really tired of 5 moonkins following me around. The buff lasts for 5 days and it can't be removed. Does anyone know how to get rid of the little pests?
blizz -> wysłany:
Greetings dear moonkin "fans"!

If you would like to leave the "fun-club" by any chance, please do consider one of the following:
- queue for time-walking dungeon that is currently active
- queue for any Battleground
As soon as you get there, the "buff" should be cleared.

If that would happen to not work in your case, you may wait until it expires or contact Customer Support as the last resort.

PS. Please no roasting of the little moonkins!