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Major Payne’s Pet Menagerie: Kun-Lai Runt

blizz -> wysłany:

Crithto has informed me that some of you felt last week's pet was too adorable. And here I thought I was easing you into your training. How else are we supposed to mold you into a lean, mean, Pet-Battling machine!?

Fine, let's ramp things up. Meet your newest soldier: the not-so-cuddly Kun-Lai Runt! Give 'em the lowdown, pug.


Crithto: Shaking the very ground with each step it takes, the Kun-Lai Runt is an offensive powerhouse! At higher levels, the Runt can employ a 3-hit combo, chilling foes with Frost Shock, followed by a stunning Deep Freeze attack, and finishing off any foe with massive damage from its powerful Takedown.

Excellent. Now, the goal here is to get you in shape and ready to conquer the mighty pets of Azeroth. Sure, you may have had trouble with my team, but whippin’ you into tip-top form is my goal! This week, your job is to climb the peaks of Kun-Lai Summit, but there are a few ground rules. First, you can’t use a mount. Hoof it, tamer! Second, you must visit the grummles, find the ones with the giant rucksacks, and carry three of them on your back as you head up. That’s right, channel your inner yak! Third, you have to get there by walking backwards. From Krasarang!

Move out!


Come join the discussion about this pet in our Pet Battles forum. You can also learn more about the Kun-Lai Runt by visiting